Guide: How To Find The Perfect Sofa


Guide: How To Find The Perfect Sofa
Buying a sofa is not an everyday task and not one to go into uneducated and not thought through, it’s like picking a new housemate… It should feel comfy, keep the place looking good and most importantly fit in with your lifestyle. 

Before making any big decisions, there are a few things to consider.

1. What style works for you?

What works best for you? Sofa, sectional, pull out or a loveseat? Maybe you need a combination.

How big is your space?
What orientation are you thinking?
How many guests will you want it to accommodate on a regular basis?

There’s no right or wrong in deciding these possibilities. Just what you want it to be. 

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to seat many people and often, size doesn’t always matter… a large sectional might not work with your space, but a smaller frame and a couple of easy to move accent chairs might do the trick.

2. Measure, measure and measure once more just to be sure. 

Make sure your new sofa will fit through your doorways and in your space. It’s important to create a balance between space to live vs. space to move. A simple flow that allows space and furniture to create a fully functional environment without turning busy and impractical.

Don’t forget to take into consideration all the other furniture pieces that will become part of the living space: coffee tables, side tables, sideboards, media units, area rugs or accent chairs. It’s unlikely you want your sofa to sit from wall to wall, so ensure you are clear when measuring if you’re measuring for the space of your sofa, or the entire room to map things out. 

Pro Tip: Watch this short video on how to measure your space and get it right!

3. The Material:

To choose between fabric, leather, texture, pattern or solid. Many factors will determine your choice such as lifestyle, pets, sun-orientation and maintenance. It’s important for the fabric to be perfectly suited to your taste, but also that it is durable to your needs. If you’ve got kids or pets, go for something durable and stain-resistant.

Want something fun and luxe? Velvet might be your go-to. Think about the climate where you live too, leather can be cool and sleek but might get sticky in summer if your location is humid.

  • Performance/Defender Fabric: Ideal for homes with kids, pets, or frequent spillers, performance fabrics are treated to resist stains, water, and oil.

  • Leather: Easy to clean and durable, leather suits families and pet owners. Full grain and top grain are the most durable; aniline leather, while luxurious, can scuff easily.

  • Wool Blend: Durable and great at hiding stains, wool can be hard to maintain. Blends with synthetics are easier to clean and resist pilling.

  • Linen: Linen offers a chic look but is high-maintenance, prone to stains, wrinkles, and requires professional cleaning.

  • Velvet: Velvet is luxurious and comes in rich colors. Silk velvet is delicate, while synthetic velvet like polyester or rayon is more durable and affordable.

  • Natural Fibers: Silk and cotton are common. Silk is delicate and not ideal for heavy use. Cotton is more resilient, especially in blends.

  • Synthetics: Affordable and durable, synthetics like acetate, chenille, faux leather, and microfiber mimic natural fibers.

Explore our Furniture Care page for tips and tricks to ensure your home furniture lasts for years to come.

Pro Tip: Fabrics come in different grades, always ask about the grade of your fabric before committing. The grade won’t make a huge difference to most homes, but if you have a high traffic sofa this should come into play in your decision making.
4. The Colour

Wall colours come and go, your favourite candle label gets rebranded, but a sofa is something that will be around for years, don’t base your choice on the latest trends, or something that matches the colour of your current favourite trinket dish.

Pick something that feels authentically you and something you know you won't tire of once the new season arrives.

Pro Tip: Always ask for swatches to take home, this gives you the opportunity to test them in the light in your own home, that shade of pink you love might look completely different in your own home away from showroom lighting.

 5. Custom Sofa

Perhaps your dream sofa can't be found on the shelves ready to go, and you want something more unique, something that’s built from the ground up specifically for you. Opting for a custom design sofa allows you to create a piece that perfectly fits your space and style. You can choose the exact layout, dimensions, fabric, colour, and cushion fill to match your needs and preferences. Custom sofas offer the flexibility to incorporate unique design elements and tailor the comfort level to your liking. 

Additionally, they can be built to fit awkward spaces or complement existing decor, ensuring your sofa is not only a functional centerpiece but also a reflection of your personal taste. Investing in a custom sofa means getting exactly what you want, creating a piece that’s both unique and perfectly suited to your home. 

Discover how you can design your sofa with us in 3 easy steps!

All Stonewaters custom sofas are handcrafted to order in Vancouver, BC. Here are some things that make our custom sofas a cut above the rest.

  • Frame: Every frame is made with an extra thick 1 1/8" solid wood frame of selected soft and hardwoods that have been kiln-dried. All frames are stapled, glued, and corner blocked for added durability, allowing Stonewaters to offer a lifetime warranty.

  • Cushions: Stonewaters uses high-quality polyurethane foam ranging from 2.0 to 2.75-pound density in seats. They offer a selection of different foam firmness for seat cushions. To ensure cushions keep their shape,  a double crown is shaved into the cushion cores and wrapped in Dacron to prevent the fabric from creeping and slipping. Many styles are available with Feathersoft seat cushions.

  • Sofabed: Many styles are available as twin, full, and queen size sofabeds. Each sofabed uses a contract-grade mechanism featuring tubular steel construction.

  • Tailoring: The wood frames are padded for a tailored look and added fabric durability. Every sofa is finished with the same material on the seat deck, rather than an inexpensive white upholstery cloth. 

    Ready to take the step? Let us know and we can help make this process a reality. 

    Feeling overwhelmed? Our team is here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we can work together on something special and unique for you.
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