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Courtney Andersen, a 1-1 addiction counselor, teaches you what to expect in your first 90 days without alcohol and how to overcome any obstacle in this impactful guidebook on going sober. 

As someone who has been in alcohol recovery for 12 years, Courtney has an abundance of professional and personal insight into the mental, physical and emotional responses that arise when you make the decision to quit. Her direction on going sober, in conjunction with guided journal prompts, ?homework? and exercises you can implement in your daily life, help you navigate your first dry 90 days with success?and more importantly, support. 

Broken up into three, easy-to-follow sections, one for each initial month, every chapter takes a deep dive into the specific roadblocks that occur as you move through the process, so you can work through the book as your experience unfolds. 

You'll find exercise to help with physical withdrawals in month 1, creative practices on socializing without alcohol in month 2, and a detailed guide on making a long-term plan for staying sober in month 3, plus much more. 

Courtney's interactive prompts keep you accountable, providing structure to your journey so you can get over the initial hump and stick to sobriety for good. 

With this modern guide on recovery, you'll discover your own personal sobriety coach and move through your first alcohol-free months with success, support and care.