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Kevin Parker (vocals/guitar) and Dominic Simper (bass) formed Tame Impala as 13-year-olds in Perth in 1999, sticking to bedroom recordings until 2007, when Jay Watson joined them on drums and backing vocals. 

Their sound was pure late '60s, but wasn't the sound of any specific band from the era. They were as likely to be channeling the Nazz as the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Cocooned away inside walls of psychedelic fuzz in Western Australia they re-created their preferred period one song at a time with the aid of gear and production techniques that sounded like they hadn't been dusted off since 1968.


1 Be Above It

2 Endors Toi

3 Apocalypse Dreams

4 Mind Mischief

5 Music to Walk Home By

6 Why Won't They Talk to Me?

7 Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

8 Keep on Lying

9 Elephant

10 She Just Won't Believe Me

11 Nothing That Has Happened So Far Had Been Anything We Could Control

12 Sun's Coming Up