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Series: Skin Tools
Benefit: Facial Tension Release/Circulation

Believe the hype! The facial roller has been around for centuries for a reason. This Chinese skincare tool can be used nightly to relax, unwind and enhance your current skincare regime. Apply our Face Oil and follow our step by step guide to get maximum benefits.Pro Tip! Keep it in the fridge for a cooling effect.

Made of rose quartz crystal aka the stone of love. Perfect for self-care, it has calming properties and aids meditation + inner relaxation

Tool Care: We recommend wiping your Facial Roller with a damp cloth after use. 

Skin Type: All

How Often: At night after your skincare

Originating during the 7th Century in Ancient China as a skincare ritual for the elite Facial rollers were made of jade and known as Yushi Gunlun in Chinese. With origins tracing back thousands of years, we hope that everyone who find the Midnight Paloma Facial Roller tool will appreciate the history and traditions behind this medical practice.

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