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Which animals can survive the freezing temperatures of the Arctic Ocean? Where can you find several species of penguins living in harmony? How deep is the Arabian sea?

This book pays homage to the underwater world, a majestic yet delicate ecosystem which has to be cherished for future generations. Oceans cover 70% of the earth's surface, yet, we only know a third of the marine creatures that inhabit them.This large format book transports you underwater and helps you discover the different habitats, the incredible biodiversity and the wild animals that live beneath the waves.Throughout the book is a search and find counting game enabling you to spot groups of orcas, starfish, dolphins and clownfish. Can you count them all? 

16 underwater wonders are featured: the kelp forest of the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, the Antarctic Ocean, the Indo Pacific area, Cocos Island in Costa Rica, the Celebes sea (Indonesia), the Lofoten Islands in Norway, Cape Verde in Africa, the Mediterranean sea, the Chagos Archipelago, the Azores in Portugal, the Falkland Islands, Bermuda, the Gulf of California (USA) and the Arabian sea. 

  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 29.21 x 0.64 x 40.64 cm

About the Authors

Mia Cassany is editor, creative director, and founder of Mosquito Books. She is currently teaching at the master's degree in Illustration and Comic at the Elisava School in Barcelona and is a creative consultant for the publishing house The Story Tailors. She has written several successful books for children for Mosquito Books.

Marcos Navarro (7.5 IG) is an illustrator and painter. His work was shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards in 2019. His clients include Adobe, Universal Music, Volcom. He recently has devoted his time to street art and his mural s can be found in Europe and in Portland (USA).