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Dive into Lana Del Rey's mesmerizing universe with 'Lust for Life.' Lose yourself in her sultry vocals and dreamy beats as she weaves tales of love, longing, and the wild ride of life. Get ready for a cinematic journey that'll leave you craving more of Lana's signature magic.

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release, the fifth studio album and fourth major-label record by singer Lana Del Rey. Features the single "Lust For Life" with the Weekend. Lana music has been noted for it's cinematic style, it's preoccupation with themes of tragic romance and melancholia, and it's references to pop culture, particularly 1950s and 1960s Americana. Lust for Life features recurring trap rhythms, classic rock references, "sepia-toned" orchestral backings, and Del Rey singing with a "hip-hop affectation". The Daily Telegraph stated that the album "let's a bit of light into the darkness of Del Rey's moody past works," noting that "there's a sense of heightened drama in punchy Phil Spector style sixties back beats and the way the heavy timpani criss-crosses with echoing digital trap beats, all swathed in a gauzy haze of Shangri Las style girl group harmonies."

- Disc 1 -

  • 1 Love
  • 2 Lust for Life
  • 3 13 Beaches
  • 4 Cherry
  • 5 White Mustang

- Disc 2 -

  • 1 Summer Bummer
  • 2 Groupie Love
  • 3 In My Feelings
  • 4 Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind

- Disc 3 -

  • 1 God Bless America - and All the Beautiful Women in It
  • 2 When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing
  • 3 Beautiful People Beautiful Problems
  • 4 Tomorrow Never Came

- Disc 4 -

  • 1 Heroin
  • 2 Change
  • 3 Get Free