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Kukicha hojicha (roasted green tea) was carefully selected from an organic farmer on the Japanese island of Kyushu. This aromatic tea is a favourite among those with a sensitivity to caffeine and is often the tea of choice at night time.

The naturally sweet flavour and aromas of hojicha are richest when infused in hot water and slightly cooled before drinking. Hojicha’s signature rich profile allow for it to be steeped several times, to be ground and used as a latte, or even to be enjoyed cold later on.

Tasting notes: caramel / roasted barley / brown sugar / wood

About Hojicha (or houjicha)

Hojicha (or houjicha) is a delicious and unique roasted Japanese green tea shown to be very high in polyphenols as well as L-theanine.

‘Houji’ refers to the cooking method where the leaves are “roasted”. ‘Cha’ of course meaning ‘tea’ in Japanese.

Hojicha is lower in caffeine than other teas due in part to the roasting process which reaches 200°C, as caffeine sublimes near its 178°C boiling point.  With a lower proportion of whole leaves to ‘twigs’, ‘Kukicha’ hojicha boasts the lowest levels of caffeine as well as a very low oxalic acid content, making it unique among teas.