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We are happy to introduce our new Leather Collection MADE WITH NATURAL LEATHERS, which will inspire you to create a timeless, unique, statement sofa.

Natural Leathers are the softest and most luxurious of leathers, each with its own unique characteristics.

Natural leathers show subtle variations in colour and texture over the span of the hide. Small healed-over scars, wrinkles and other non-uniform qualities will be present in these unique leathers. These imperfections are hallmarks of the finest quality, most natural leathers. 

Like you, every piece of Natural Leather is unique and has its own essence. 

Stocked in Saddlebag Coin. Espresso finish only.

Overall Height 34"

Overall Depth 41"

Overall Length 54"


* All dimensions shown are approximate and are subject to the slight variations inherent in a hand-built product.



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