MEET jenn

We had the pleasure of chatting with the founder behind Jenny Be Free 🪩

Founded in 2020 during covid-19, Jenn suddenly found herself with free time on her hands, which she put to good use and started new hobbies like knitting, making scrunchies and experimenting with polymer clay. After honing her craft a friend encouraged Jenn to attend her first market as a maker and the rest is history.

Read on to discover the inspiration behind the brand, what's next on the horizon and of course... what Jenn's first music concert was 🎵

Jenny Be Free was started as a passion project for your own enjoyment of wearing striking jewellery without the heavy weight, when did you know the time was right to launch it into something bigger?

Ahhh it feels soooo long ago! The very moment I knew when I had to fulfil this passion was in September 2020. A friend of mine actually told me to apply to my first market, which was the Inglewood Night Market in Calgary. I was honestly SO NERVOUS, I was like, what if I don't get accepted, what if people don't like my stuff? As you can imagine ALL the WHAT IFS. But I knew I had to give it a shot!  I ended up getting accepted and was in total shock ha! But then I was like, what if I don't make my money back, once again, the WHAT IFS came creeping in again.  I ended up making a ton of product, because I had no idea what to expect haha. I will never forget setting up my little 4ft table and my products for the first time... Of course, I was excited, nervous, felt every emotion possible! But, the most beautiful thing happened... I had LINE UPS at my booth, received so many amazing comments and was blown away by how much I sold! I will never ever forget that very moment when my gut was telling me, this is something I must do!  A passion just ignited and I knew I had to give this a real shot, so from that very first market of September 2020 is when I decided to go full force and really start building this into a little ol business! I ended up going full-time April 2022! 

What was your original vision when you first started the brand, and does it still remain the same today?

The original vision of my brand actually still remains the same, but was just never shown or explained properly when I first started. I wanted women to march to the beat of their own drum, while feeling comfortable in trendy, unique, everyday pieces, while being free to be themselves! 

What's your biggest source of inspiration?

Honestly, I love following fashion trends, but also finding inspiration in nature, everyday fashion, reality tv shows and from friends and family. 

Your current favourite piece from the collection?

Ahhh I truly have so many!! From this moment, I have been rocking our Gaga Links. They are just so awesome. You can dress these up or down. They are the perfect everyday earring! 

Our 2023 Motto is all about evolving routine into ritual. Do you have any daily rituals that help keep you grounded through what we can only imagine are very busy days?

Working out!! I have been making sure to make time to focus on my health and mind. The beginning of 2022, I broke my wrist and suffered from burn out - it was rough. I now try and make a habit to put myself first even during the busy days to ensure I am releasing endorphins and keeping my body strong! 

What's your favourite part of running a business?

Honestly, connecting with you all! There is not a better feeling when someone is wearing your pieces and telling you how much they love them!! It's the reason why I do this. Running a business is so so hard, but honestly so fullfilling! 

What's next on the horizon for Jenny be free?

Right now, we are just focusing on bringing the best quality pieces, new designs for our clay jewelry and making sure we are a one stop shop for all your accessory needs. We love how we are growing and we want to continue this growth while creating a community to allow women to feel confident and express themselves! 

Ok, now to our favourite part, a few quick fire questions for you to answer in only a few words:

What is your coffee order?

Latte with Oat Milk! Pretty simple! 

More is more or less is more?

More is less! 

Staple piece of jewellery everyone should own?

A good pair of gold hoops! 

If you could have a drink with anyone throughout history, who would it be?

Betty White!! I just love her! Her love for animals, how hilarious she was. My goodness, drinks would be fire with her!! ha! 

Mixing metals, acceptable?

100% I am all about that!! I have rose gold rings on one hand and gold on the other!! 

If you could have one superpower what would you choose?

Read peoples minds!! I would find that so fascinating ha! 

What's your favourite time of day?

I honestly love my mornings!

First music concert?


Your go to brunch order?

OEB in Calgary - Meatless to say poutine half potato half spinach. MY FAV!!! 

Your star sign?