Jacqueline Jacek


Meet Jacqueline

We had the pleasure of chatting with Jacek founder, Jacqueline.

Born in 2009 from three of Jacqueline's great passions, fashion design, chocolate and helping others spread joy. Fast forward over a decade later and Jacek continues to change the chocolate industry bringing originallty, creativity and happiness to so many.

Read on to learn more about the inspiration behind the brand, what's next on the horizon for the company, and of course Jacqui's go to brunch order 🥑

Jacek was born from your two great passions of fashion design and chocolate (fantastic choices), how did you come to the conclusion that these worlds could and definitely should collide?

When I started the business back in 2009, I definitely thought that fashion and chocolate should collide, but I definitely did not know the effect that them colliding could have over the last decade.  I thought that they could/should collide because we eat with our eyes, so it made sense to me to marry the visual art of fashion to food.


What was your original vision when you first started the brand, and does it still remain the same today?

Yes, the original vision of spreading joy through a fine, fashion-inspired chocolate is still very much the same.


What’s your biggest source of inspiration?

The people; from our customers, so our team to our suppliers, especially the cocoa farmers.

Your current favourite pieces from the Jacek collection?

We just launched the Spring Collection today, and my favorite is probably the Lemon Meringue.


Our 2023 Motto is all about evolving routine into ritual. Do you have any daily rituals that help keep you grounded through what we can only imagine are very busy days?

Yes, I always close the day with a listing the items that I am grateful for. I always find this very grounding as it offers a lot of perspective, especially on the more challenging days.


What's next on the horizon for Jacek?

We are currently trying to figure out the best path forward to spread more joy to more people through fine chocolate, and we have some big ideas for next year that are not quite ready to share yet.

Ok, now to our favourite part, some quick fire questions for you to answer in only a few words:

What is your coffee order?

Decaf with one milk (I stopped drinking caffeine 8 months ago!)

More is more or less is more?

Less is definitely more

Favourite flavour?


If you could have a drink with anyone throughout history, who would it be?

Coco Chanel

What was your last Google search?

Ribbon Canada

What’s a staple Jacek truffle everyone should try?

Salted Caramel

If you could have one superpower what would you choose?


What's your favourite time of day?


First music concert?

I honestly cannot remember

Your go to brunch order?

Avocado on Toast

Your star sign?


Jacqueline's Moodboard