Welcome to the Jungle

The benefits of owning houseplants are endless... They boost mood and creativity, provide purpose, and bring life into a room.

Plants can visually transform a space and make it feel like home or a vacation getaway.

For these reasons and more we created a beautiful green space in our store by Garden Moods in which you can find everything you need to create your own personal jungle. 

Meet Deborah 🪴

Deborah from Garden Moods is our resident plant expert.

All who’ve met Deborah know she’s either feeding you healthy food or helping you with a plant problem.

Her plant journey began in the 80’s with a diploma in Landscape Horticulture. This led to years of designing, building & maintaining gardens, as well as work in silviculture, nurseries & organic fertilizer sales.

Instructing horticulture art at Arts Place & assisting businesses in the Bow Valley embellish their operations with plants, Deb has ‘ground her roots’ firmly in Canmore! 

Garden Moods offers numerous commercial and residential plant services, including personalized home visits, repotting and plant styling! Check out the website for more info.   


Deb and her team can help with most anything.

Need advice on what types of plants might work for your space, help repotting or looking for a perfect low maintenance gift? Garden Moods can help with it all.

Unsure where to start? Gauge the lighting in your space, come prepped with measurements and be honest about how much time you can give to plants each week, the Garden Moods team can help with the rest 🌿

Come and say 'Hi' in store 🙂